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Fonderie S.Zeno covers 32.000 square metres, 12.000 of which are covered. It was founded in 1960 as a foundry for the production of ingot moulds and hematite casting for steel plants. In the 70's, Dr. Silvano Antonini, the Company's young owner, perceived the importance of the introduction of continuous casting in steel production and decided to diversify the product range by adding rolling mill roll to ingot mould production destined mainly for the Italian hot rolling mills. In the 80's, roll production reached ingot mould production levels with exports to Europe, Latin America, the USA, Asia and Far East. At the end of the 80's the company adopted a personnel qualification and production reorganisation strategy that led to ISO 9001 certification.


In the new millennium, when the second generation of the Antonini family joined the Company, the Fonderie S.Zeno took courageous steps towards technological and computer innovation which could employ materials to improve product quality thanks to the new production processes.
The Company's mission is the customer satisfaction, which is achieved through continuous material improvements and flexibility derived from a streamline and well-organised structure, characterised by the direct management of key positions by the owners. Customers are assisted throughout the process, from grade choice to post-sales, thus guaranteeing delivery schedules and constant product quality.

“The Company's mission is the customer satisfaction, which is achieved through continuous material improvements and flexibility derived from a streamline and well-organised structure."

 - Dal 1960 -
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